AOL Desktop Gold Freeze

AOL Desktop Gold Freeze or Not Responding

When you try to finish some urgent work online or are in the middle of an important conference call, it can be frustrating if your AOL Desktop Gold Freezes and Not Responding. Once you complete the AOL Desktop Gold installation procedure, things should move on smoothly without any problems. However, even if you realize that the software is not responding, there is no need to panic. The article will give you some simple solutions to fix the AOL Desktop Gold’s freezes or not responding problem.

What Are Troubleshooting Methods to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Freeze or Not Responding Issue?

Method 1: Update the software: The main factor why AOL Desktop Gold is not responding because of the outdated version software. In such cases, the first thing you require to ensure any software updates and finish the process before running AOL Desktop Gold on your computer.

Method 2: Scan the system: Other than outdated software, viruses can also cause an error when you wish to access Desktop Gold. Activate an outstanding virus scan on your PC whenever you face a software error or any other technical problem that does not allow you to use AOL Desktop Gold.

Method 3: Check the internet: If the software is up-to-date and the system is virus-free, then you should check the internet to make sure your connection is secure. You should consider temporarily halting all downloads and then check if you can open AOL Desktop Gold. If you face the same trouble, try to disconnect it and then reconnect the internet cables or Wi-Fi connection before continuing. Once everything is connected, check and open your AOL Desktop Gold again.

Method – 4 Fix Damaged Desktop Software

If your AOL Gold Desktop freezes or not responding due to damaged software, you must follow the below-listed steps to fix it.

  • Move to the Start menu and navigate the Control panel
  • Press on the programs and features option
  • Next, move to the “Uninstall a program.”
  • Now, select AOL Gold Desktop and delete it from your system
  • Wait for some moments till the uninstallation process is finished, then reopen your PC
  • Finally, download AOL Gold Desktop with an updated version from the internet and place it on your computer.


If you face a problem getting the program to work, your only option is to delete the software and then Download AOL Gold once again. Go to AOL Desktop Gold support and discuss with a trained software expert to acknowledge rectifying methods. You must follow these steps while installing AOL Gold on your device. AOL Help desk is available 24 hours a week and 365 days a year to assist you. Once you connect with them via email, call or chat, a technical expert will respond to your call genuinely and help you solve your problems related to AOL Gold Desktop. No need to panic when it freezes or not to respond; instead, you must dial the AOL helpline number to get appropriate steps to fix this issue instantly.

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