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AOL, earlier known as America Online is one of the largest internet access subscription services which provides a variety of web services for its users. It made a special place in the lives of people through its buddy lists and instant messaging services. With beginning its journey as Control Video Corporation in 1983, AOL kept on expanding its roots with more and more services. It fell down, it rose, but with the conviction of staying in the lives of its valuable users.

A time came and America Online grew enough to the peaks of success and become a market leader surpassing all the competitors behind. In that phase, dial-up connection was increasing and the internet craze was just in its initial phase. But soon, it came tumbling down. After the bad phase went, in its effort to survive and stay intact, America Online rebranded itself and become AOL by introducing services like AIM, AOL LOCAL, AOL Video, News and many more.

Time went, AOL faced the heights but tasted the failure too. Just in recent years when Verizon purchased AOL, the security can be foreseen for the stability of the company. The journey of AOL is very impressive.

aol customer care


Apart from other services, what grew rapidly was the email service. AOL email is freely available in more than three dozen languages with enthralling features. This brilliant email can be assessed from any browser at any time of the day from any corner of the world. Just a few years after when Verizon acquired AOL, AOL then undertook Yahoo under its roof and created ‘Oath’. With so much to explore with this outstanding email, ignoring the glitches involved in it will be an injustice. There are countless users who face some or other troubles while using this reliable email service. And the credit goes to the AOL customer care Number team who works round the clock to resolve all sorts of issues encountered by the users. Overlooking troubles for a while, have a look at the amazing characteristics of AOL Email.


Peculiarities of AOL Email

Ease of searching and using Filters: With this exceptional feature, users of AOL Email have the benefit of searching emails, contacts, and events. They can even set up filters for the messages and emails.

Allowance for managing your calendars: The users of this email can subscribe, print, create or even add a calendar. They can manage the programs from the calendar and easily edit them too.

The convenience of creating & using folders: through this brilliant email, users can create a new folder, rename it also delete it as per their preference.

Saving emails & moving messages: by clicking at the more icon, users can simply save their emails and move single or multiple messages to the created folders.

The comfort of deleting & recovering multiple emails: not only the users have the comfort of deleting single or multiple emails at a time but also they can recover any accidentally deleted email within seven days of deletion.

Panel resizing option: users can effortlessly resize the panels in AOL email to their liking. Just move your pointer to do the resizing.

Disable the reading pane: if you don’t want the reading pane on your screen, you can disable it by going to settings and then clicking customization.

Personal customization of AOL Email: this is the best feature of all, through this users can customize the way they want their messages to be displayed in their inbox. Space, previewing, changing of font can also be done.

Composing emoji’s: AOL Email supports a wide range of emoji’s (pictorial characters) that the users can use in their email messages.

Mouse & Keyboard shortcuts: just like you do the shortcuts in your day to computer works, you can similarly do it in AOL. The shortcuts include for list view, contacts, calendars, navigations and others.

The benefits of using this smart email service do not end here, in fact, there are much more of them which can be explored after joining the family of AOL Email. As the coin has two sides, so does this email. Where there are innumerable benefits, some disappointing complexities are also involved. Not to forget that most of the troubles are fixable through troubleshooting. For those, who don’t the right process of resolution are advised to reach out to AOL technical support number that stays active 24×7 online. The experienced team of technical experts has the adequate knowledge to fix all the issues that are confronted by the users. Is your computer performing very slowly after installing AOL Instant Messenger? Have you been noticing the appearance of error code 102 messages on your desktop screen? If you have, then by contacting AOL customer support number, you will be able to resolve this immediately. The team of certified and experienced employees is available 24×7 to handle whatever kind of AOL problem that the customers may face. So whenever you are facing installation or upgrade problem with your AIM or your AOL software, you can contact the support service team.

Complications of AOL Email

  • AOL Email sign in problem
  • Difficulty in password recovery
  • Hacked AOL Email account
  • AOL email not working
  • Connectivity issues
  • Unable to send or receive emails
  • The problem at the time of login
  • Emails being lost from the account
  • Enabling two-step verification
  • Not able to access AOL email on iPhone
  • Difficulties in POP3 & SMTP settings
  • Glitches in attaching files to the emails
  • Forgot security questions at the time of password recovery
  • Trouble in changing AOL Email password
  • The problem in installing AOL Email mobile app

However, it is not necessary that the mentioned troubles are only faced by the users, actually, there are many other. That depends upon the time and usage of the email. If you are also a trouble facer and looking for an appropriate point of contact to resolve the errors, then the best option is dialing AOL customer support number as and when you want a quick and effective solution. There are various ways of reaching the team of experts through the web. Email is the influential component of your personal portfolio which must be handled and managed smartly. In order to minimize the risk of spamming, hacking and any other issues you should get in touch with AOL phone number where the discrete solution will be provided for each problem faced by you.

The team of experts focus on providing the most suitable fixture to the issue faced by user. They are polite and friendly while dealing with the customer. They not only focus on customer satisfaction but also offer long lasting support. Because of using more than one email services users sometimes got confused and might forget their account password. After the unsuccessful attempt of remembering it, they try to reset it. But got stuck in between as they don’t know their recovery mobile number or email address. At times like this just get help from experts via AOL helpline number who are easily reachable 24×7. They will provide the best and satisfactory solution of the problem confronted.

How to reach AOL customer Service?

  • AOL 24×7 customer service
  • AOL Help desk
  • AOL Customer Care Number
  • AOL tech support number
  • AOL Customer service number
  • AOL Customer Support Number
  • AOL Contact Number
  • AOL Phone Number
  • Contact customer service for AOL

Questions users often ask related to AOL Email:

aol customer support

There are many more to be added to the list but the queries vary from user to user. It is not important that the glitch one faces is confronted by other too. Keeping in mind the seriousness of the issue, one must try to fix it as soon as possible. The best alternative instead of troubleshooting is to reach out for the assistance from the team of technical experts at the early stage when you come across any hassle while using this incredible email service. The representatives can be connected just by dialing AOL helpline number at any hour of the day. It does not matter where you are residing or what language you speak, you just get in touch with the executives. If you are an AOL email user and aren’t able to sign in your AOL email then there might be the reason that you are entering the wrong password or you have forgotten the password. You can’t recover that lost password again but you can rest AOL password. Go to the login page of AOL email. Click on forgot the password. Enter your AOL email and click continue. Then enter the registered alternate email ID and click OK. You will get a password reset link on that alternate email, click on that link and create a strong password. Now you will be able to sign in to your AOL email.