Amazon kindle Support Number

Amazon kindle-best gift for Booklovers!

There was a time when the book lovers had to carry the heavy books. And really it is touch to purchase books, make a room for books and keep all books safely. Those who are fond of reading books can understand how it feels when they lost their favorite book even they care for that. This is the reason Amazon has launched best device for readers known as “Amazon kindle.” There is also an Amazon kindle app for e-book reader which has been used by android users. If you want to know more about Amazon kindle then you can have a call on Amazon kindle customer care number. Beside all you will find some important info like features, version, issues and their solution over here.

What’s new in Amazon Kindle for e-book reader?

The Amazon lab126 has developed and marketed a tablet like device on which users can read tons of e-books. The Amazon Kindle is one of the best platform in the world where you can purchase, download and read the e-books. If you have some confusion to read books or want to know that how you can read e-books on Amazon Kindle then get in touch with customer care team via Amazon Kindle customer support number. Via this toll-free number you will get proper assistance of the technical experts.

  • You can browser your favorite author on this device.
  • Purchase e-books and keep them safe.
  • You can either read e-books online or download to read later.
  • The latest version of Amazon kindle device has light weight.
  • You can read e-books in quick manner
  • The Book you want to keep safe will be saved on your account.
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Versions of Amazon Kindle:-

The Amazon Technologies Inc. has developed its various generations and at the last the most widely used versions are Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Amazon Kindle Paper white. You can choose the versions as per your requirement. If you’re fond of reading books then Amazon Kindle Paper white will be best choice for you and if you want to browse, download e-books, have email app then you can choose Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Now you can have a look on the Amazon kindle versions.

  • Kindle
  • Kindle touch
  • Kindle 5
  • Kindle Voyage
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Kindle Oasis
  • Kindle 8
  • Kindle Oasis 2nd generation
  • Kindle Fire HD
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Cons of Amazon kindle:-

As you have experienced that the there is no any electronic device which is hitches less. The same thing is with Amazon Kindle. Although Amazon has given its best to develop this device but yet sometime its users face troubles. Therefore the customer support experts of Amazon Kindle are here all the time by which you can resolve your hitches. You can dial Amazon Kindle helpline number to get in touch with dexterous techies and tell them to resolve your issues. Well, the common issues of Amazon Kindle are given as:-

  • Amazon Kindle login error.
  • Trouble to convert Kindle Book to PDF.
  • Not able to update the Kindle.
  • The device has Wi-Fi connectivity problem.
  • Getting trouble download e-Books on Kindle Fire HD.
  • Trouble to transfer files from old Kindle to new Kindle Fire.
  • The Kindle Fire HD is not responding.
  • The Kindle device is not turning on.
  • The screen of Kindle device is black.
  • Error to connect Kindle with PC via USB port.
  • Unable to change the font size of Kindle Fire device.
  • Error to register & set up the Kindle.
  • The Kindle Paperwhite screen get freezed.
  • The home screen of Kindle is blank.
  • Kindle Fire HD battery is not getting charged.
  • Not able to find My Kindle books.
  • Trouble to change the format of Kindle Fire HD.

Best way to fix error of Amazon Kindle:

Although there are so many hitches appears with Amazon Kindle yet this is popular device for e-book readers. In order to get complete solution for the Amazon Kindle you can ring Amazon Kindle technical support number number. This is a toll-free number which is 24×7 available by which you can resolve all kind of hiccups Amazon Kindle & its other versions. The executive of Amazon customer support are skilled and trained to fix all kind of technical hitches.



If you are not getting the purchased books on Amazon Kindle try these given instructions.
  1. Go to manage the contents.
  2. Then select the content title under Content.
  3. Tap to deliver to the device.
  4. Now choose the delivery option and click on Ok.
When you find that the Amazon Kindle Voyage is not turning on you should follow the prompts given here.
  1. Make sure the battery of Kindle Voyage is charged.
  2. Hold the power button for 40 seconds to reboot it.
  3. Now your device will restart and turned on.
  4. If you couldn’t help to fix the problem then you can contact to customer care experts.
The users of Amazon Kindle face trouble to download in some cases. If you are having same issue while downloading the Amazon Kindle then try these given steps to fix the error.
  1. Make sure your device has internet connection because connection error may be an issue.
  2. Change the settings of an antivirus on your Amazon Kindle because antivirus can be reason of blocking the books or games on Amazon.
  3. Then restart the Amazon Kindle to make sure you are cable to fix the issues.
If you are facing freezing issue on your Amazon Kindle or it is running slowly then you can follow the steps given here.
  1. Here you need to do soft reset of your device, so press the power button for 40 seconds.
  2. Just after 40 seconds you can release the button.
  3. The Kindle Fire HD will shut down now.
  4. Press the power button to turn it on again.