Amazon Alexa app for Mac OS device

Alexa app is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon developers. It has proven to be quite popular for some people. You can use the Alexa app to set up the Alexa enabled devices, listen to music, create shopping list, get news updates and much more.

Echo Alexa customer care number
Some people already think that the Alexa app is better than the Apple’s Siri. So there is an app which will allow you to use Alexa app on your iOS device or Mac.

 Reverb app lets you use the Alexa app on your iOS or Mac.

• You can use the Reverb App to use the Alexa app anywhere on your iOS.
• Reverb performs every task through Alexa which Alexa does.
• You can ask questions Reverb will answer them via Alexa.
• Reverb will reports traffic and weather, give sports score i.e. it will perform every task Alexa can do.
• Reverb has been updated now and it uses Alexa version 2, which now give support to audiobooks, alarm, timers and much more.
• It connects with the smart devices like Thermostat Samsung smart things, Bluetooth devices etc.
• Alexa has a very feature that it always learn new things which allow it to gain knowledge about 1000 of flowers and many animals voices etc.
• Alexa is a very userfreindly app which learn things and become more like a friend with time which knows many things about you.
• Reverb doesn’t support music because Alexa doesn’t give permission of using Amozon music apps.
• Only hardware implementation are allowed to use Amazone music.

 Alexa app performs these tasks on your device:

• Alexa setup your Alexa-enabled devices.
• It sets up controls or check status of your compayible smart lights.
• It set up locks and thermostats at home or on the way.
• It connects you with music device like Amozon music, itunes, Spotify etc.
• You can choose a song or playlist and listen music on your Alexa enabled devices.
• It connects two or more speakers together to enhance the music volume together.
• It checks and oraganize the work you have to do on the go, get sports score, get weather and news updates, manage alarms etc.
• You can use the drop in from your app to connect in an instant to connect with your compatible echo devices at home and on the go.
• Call or message on the supported Alexa devices at no additional cost.
• It call all around the US, Mexico and Canada for free.

If you get any issue with using the Reverb app or Alexa app you can contact their Echo Alexa customer support number.

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