acrobat reader support number

Acrobat Reader Support Number

The Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud or Adobe Acrobat DC is an inclusive solution for pdf files that offers a chance to the users to utilize the excessive amount of capabilities and features it has installed in it. This application allows you to create, convert, sign and manage your pdf documents on any kind of device, be it a cell phone or a computer. This software application comes in two different versions. The standard version of Adobe Acrobat is compatible only with Windows operating systems. Whereas the pro version is accessible in both Mac and Windows. This comprehensive software allows you to convert any type of paper document into a pdf format and it also gives you the freedom to edit documents instantly using different kinds of fonts. It is the most ideal solution for pdf documents and its design of being suitable with any kind of screen size makes it more efficient. It lets you edit from any device depending on the version you are utilizing and converting files becomes effortless whether you are converting pdf into a format which can be accessed in Microsoft Office or an Excel format. So if you are interested to purchase it or if you just want additional information about this software, you can ask the executives at Acrobat reader customer care number.

Well known features of Acrobat Reader.

This application has indeed made the lives of people a lot easier when it comes to uploading and editing pdf files. But do you know what other features this comprehensive software has in store? Highlighted below are some of the features that you can enjoy after you Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

  • You can edit texts in PDFs and lets you change the text format, its fonts, the alignment of paragraphs etc. according to its actual context.
  • With this application, you can resize, move and adjust images in the document. You can enlarge a picture without losing its sharpness.
  • You can combine many pdf files and images into one single file and export it into one single page. It can handle any kind of HTML, TXT or BMJ files and formats.
  • With Acrobat reader you can export your files into a Powerpoint file format. It allows this conversion due to its ability to separate elements which can later be manipulated into a powerpoint file format.
  • Adobe Acrobat reader protects your files from getting copied and pasted on other sites or documents. It forbids or prevents the person from highlighting the texts to prevent any copy paste manipulation.
  • It has access to a cloud storage system so that users can save their files or upload them from anywhere by signing into their account.
  • By having an acrobat account, you can now create and distribute fillable pdf to people through a web browser.
  • Another feature that is available in this application is the inclusion of Echo sign that lets you distribute files for approval of their digital signatures.

Some common flaws about Acrobat reader.

Though the features of Adobe Acrobat reader are exceptionally great, there are some few misses with this application. It is known to suffer from some technical errors and complications which have been listed briefly in the points below:

  • During activation, Acrobat does not launch if an online and offline reinstallation has been performed using the same serial number.
  • The voice-over does not read the correct data on workflow files at times.
  • While using the ‘copy text’ option it sometimes copies junk characters.
  • If the replies exceed more than 82, then the scrollbar ceases to work.
  • Sometimes the red ball which is used to notify unread notifications does not get shown during launch.
  • It creates certain browser issues in Mac devices.
  • Sometimes after installing acrobat reader, the PDF maker component gets removed.
  • When you try to edit certain page contents, the Arabic text gets corrupted.
  • The context menu goes missing after when Acrobat is uninstalled and installed again.
  • Acrobat reader installation gets interrupted or fails while showing a minimum system requirement error dialog in Windows 7.
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While operating your Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you face any of these issues or any technical error, you can contact Adobe Reader technical support number to avail the services of technicians who will assist you in troubleshooting any kind of problem you might have.


  • Launch or open the Acrobat application and click on ‘create’ and select the ‘pdf from file’ option.
  • Now browse for the file you want to convert and then click ‘open’ after locating it.
  • wait for the file to get converted. After it is completed, you can save it to a folder or a location.
  • First, you must go to the Acrobat download page and click on ‘install now’.
  • When you see the file download message, click on ‘run’.
  • Wait till the process gets completed then click on ‘finish’.
  • Open the application and go to ‘help’ and under this, you must choose ‘check for updates’.
  • If there are available updates you will see a message box appear. And on the box, click the ‘download’ button.
  • On the message that pops up again after download, click on ‘retry’.
  • You will be notified with a message when the update is successful. After that, click the ‘close’ button.
  • To uninstall first go to the ‘control panel’. Under this option, click on ‘uninstall a program’.
  • Now search for the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and right click on it to select the ‘uninstall’ option.
  • When asked if you want to delete, click on ‘yes’ to initiate the uninstall sequence. Perform a system reboot after some few hours or few days.